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vierge noir  e

+ LÉO DUPLEIX - maxmsp, ground noise, vibrating objects
+ SIG VALAX - persephone, deep electroghost wibes
+ ANNA GAÏOTTI - harshvoice, tapdance, bells, text

Vierge noir e is a musical chimera, a violent and noisy 3 headed body, who tie and untie the reel of sonic improvisation, from harshnoise to reductionism. The music argue itself and got damaged as much in the space than in time, the nothingness or the excess are performative choices: and in the playground, the musicians doesn’t get united only in the grip of the frontality of live perfomance, but wear out the space that is given to them. The music, that « shows » in its performative form, and allows to see the different sonic stratums, from amplification to acoustic sources spacialized by the moves in the space. Vierge noir e also take their work on improvisation through constraining systems, creating protocols of duration and repetition, playing scores of Taku Sugimoto (among others), using physical or sonic censorship, or by talking, timing themselves on the spot. As much tasks or « almost-notations" that are tools to digest in order to better blow up abandonments and regrets in live. In their thinking on improvisation and improvised music, silence appears as a necessity: it can be a musical object, a subject, a tendancy, a shared soul, a musical gesture: a resistance, a insistance, a meeting, a stop or a note…

As well as the text- the same text-is given as an enclosure object.

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